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The story of Bulle de Vanille begins in 2018 when Hervé and Christine went on a trip to Guadeloupe.
Far from the vineyards, Hervé develops an idea when he discovers a local spice: vanilla.

He decides to bring some back to Champagne and carry out tests on the bottles of rosé champagne.
During disgorging, the stage where the pressure is released and the capsule is replaced by the Liège cork, Hervé will place vanilla pods in the bottles.
Each bottle will have different settings so you can compare tastes.

After a rest of 5-6 months, it is time to discover the precious nectar.
It was at this moment, surrounded by close friends, that the Bulle de Vanille was born after the sweetness of the bubbles amazed our taste buds.

Since Champagne is a protected recipe, it was necessary to find an alternative sparkling wine, Crémant de Die.
The marriage of alcohol and vanilla today offers you an exceptional wine, winner of a gold medal in 2023.

The patent was filed, and today, it is your turn to taste this wonder which was created by the passion and creativity of Hervé.